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Pure Artists show their support

Deeply moved by the events of last Monday at Manchester Arena, our artists decided they would like to pay tribute to everyone affected, especially those who lost their lives or their loved ones. Above and...

Posted 30 May 2017

Our artists' work, together.

Thinking about Manchester

Pure Innovations supports people across Greater Manchester and the events of this past week have affected us greatly; staff and clients, families and friends. Louise Parrott-Bates, our Chief Executive Officer, would like to share her...

Posted 26 May 2017

With Every Heartbeat

Last week saw some of our clients in Middleton get the chance to really show off their community spirit by presenting a cheque to representatives of the Heartline charity. For the last three years, clients...

Posted 23 May 2017

Travel Training at the Bolton Opportunities event

Bolton Opportunities is a great event showcasing some amazing opportunities for 11-25 year olds with special educational needs or disabilities, and Pure Innovations will be there to showcase our Travel Training programme. The event is...

Posted 19 May 2017

Pure Innovations, Disability, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Travel, Independence

A Fond Farewell For Doug

What follows is a special message from our Chief Executive Officer, Louise Parrott-Bates. Hello, everyone. This month we see the departure of the Pure Group Chief Executive, Doug Cresswell. Doug was instrumental in negotiating with...

Posted 02 May 2017

Martin’s Internship in His Own Words.

We can tell you lots about what it is like on a Pure  Supported Internship but why not hear all about it from someone who really knows? Martin is on our  Trafford-based project and has...

Posted 02 May 2017

Could YOU become a Pure Innovations Travel Trainer?

We’re looking for Travel Trainers in the Bolton area! Do you have what it takes to help young people develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to commute independently? Come along to our Drop-In Recruitment event...

Posted 25 Apr 2017

Pure Innovations, Disability, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Travel, Independence

Liam Lands A Job

Liam has every reason to smile. He’s landed a paid job at Total Adrenaline. Congratulations! Liam is the latest of  our supported interns to prove to managers on his work placement that he’s got what...

Posted 12 Apr 2017

Trafford Interns’ Whistle-stop Movie

It’s all go on a Pure Supported Internship. See for yourself in our NEW short film on some of the  brilliant work the interns are doing on their placements. Work experience, job coaching and classroom...

Posted 03 Apr 2017

An intern answering the phone on Reception at Trafford General.