Travel Training

The key to an independent life!

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Travel training is all about moving young people from provided transport and teaching them to travel on their own.

“This is the key to independence for a young person. I really, truly believe that this is the start of some really big steps for James. It’s going to give him the freedom that he needs and that he deserves.” – Julia, on her son James completing Travel Training.

Travel training has been shown to give people greater control in their lives, empowering them to make decisions and enabling them to take advantage of opportunities in their communities.

Personalised Support

Pure Innovations travel team provide a package to enable young people to go about their daily lives. Using risk-assessed structured, methodological training with a dedicated trainer they will have one-to-one intensive practice doing the journeys to school or college.

Unlock your protection

Travelling independently is not without risk, but the benefits are far reaching. Travelling is one of life’s essential skills. Learning this skill alongside your peers will build confidence and self esteem.

Currently we offer travel training in Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Tameside, Oldham and Rochdale.