Duke of Edinburgh – August update

Posted on the 21st August 2013

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Bet you thought I’d forgotten about you. Not been around since the end of June. Well that is not the case, things have finally moved away from paperwork and into the world of volunteering and activity and I’m telling you… that is 10 times more exciting than paperwork!

So let’s look back at the last few weeks:

July 2013:

Well paperwork began to disappear as I organise the practice expedition. This is exactly what it sounds like. We all get together and practice the skills we will need on our expedition.

So we are going to VernonPark in mid-August, we are going on a photo walk around the park to discover what is around. We are all making our own dinner, and weather permitting, having this outside as a picnic. We will be making flags as part of our team work and we will be deciding what our expedition will look like, what we will eat, what we will do, how much fun can we cope with???

But in the meantime…

The real expedition stills needs fine tuning, so that everyone knows where to be and when and the staff who are able to go need finalising.

August 2013

Guess what? I’ve been visiting projects…

Bramhall Tea Rooms Cookery Book Project.

This is an amazing project, co funded by Mencap, and run by our very own Alison Lea and Debbie John from Mencap and from  where a group of young people with learning disability are preparing a cookery book for other young people with learning disability to use.

Sanjoy was delighted to show me around and explain the project to me. Both him and Ruth S were able to share their recipes, hot off the press, with me, and I caught them on camera, for you.

Friday Night Hangout

This is a group run at Wernerth Youth Centre in Bredbury, again run by our very own Nina Hinton and her two colleagues, Karen Louise and Tracy.

D of E photo blog 4 friday eveningOn my visit, Amy was busy running her famous tuck shop Chat and Bite, and everyone was working together to create a mosaic, to illustrate all the things that are happening at Friday Night Hangout.

D of E group photo blog 4I was made to feel very welcome, and had a great time. Just before I left, I managed to snap a picture of the Duke of Edinburgh young people all hanging out together, Amy, Steven, Rachael, Mark and Shaun B.

So , this is the beginning of the real thing. I am lovin’ it.

But next week the practice expedition awaits, so come back then for a full update.



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