Dementia Awareness with WIN

Posted on the 30th June 2017

WIN, the Wellbeing & Independence Network initiative supported by Pure Innovations, aims to deliver practical help for adults around Stockport.

One element of this support is promoting education and understanding of the issues faced by the people WIN seeks to help, and so Pure are now involved with the Dementia Action Alliance, delivering sessions on dementia awareness.

These are short, informative sessions which set out to encourage others to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with dementia in their communities.

The sessions seek to help people understand the personal impact of dementia and what steps individuals and communities can do to support those living with the condition.

Recently, Pure’s Lizzie Austin delivered a Dementia Awareness session to the amazing young adults completing the Supported Internship at the CMFT Manchester Hospital, giving the students a valuable insight into how they can support someone to live well with dementia, in both their working and personal lives.

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