Building a better future with our Life Skills Project

Posted on the 31st July 2017

This October, we’ll begin a new year of our Life Skills Project, and we’re holding three open days in August for potential clients to visit us, meet the team and learn a little more about Pure.

Aimed at new and existing clients alike, Pure’s Life Skills Project is an accredited learning course, with a real qualification at the end; a Certificate for Independent Living – Looking After Yourself and Your Home from the Open College Network.

Combining classroom sessions with real practical experience, the project seeks to impart core knowledge & skills vital to independent living, while also inspiring confidence and self-awareness.

The course involves comprehensive learning that is both easy to engage with and absorb, but covers a detailed range of topics, with modules including:

Food Safety Storage, looking at how and where we store different foods, the importance of use by dates and how best to use fridges and freezers.

Basic Cooking Techniques, with both a practical look at the different ways to cook food safely and discussions on which methods are healthiest.

Kitchen Hygiene, investigating what areas get dirty, how best to keep them clean and important information about safety around cleaning products.

Over time, the course will also explore modules that discuss house, home and self, including:

Household Expenses, looking at what types of bills and expenses are most important, including practical advice on ways to reduce bills and pay them on time.

Looking After Yourself & Your Home, where we look at personal care, self improvement and confidence in yourself and the place you live in.

Personal Safety, discussing potential hazards in the home, risks posed by other people, how to look after your own safety and what to do in an emergency.

Finally, throughout the project we’ll be looking at how to work alongside and communicate with others, with the Participation in Team Activities module, where learners work in teams to solve challenges and develop key problem solving skills.

Our Life Skills course helps to instil confidence, awareness and independence in our learners, and is delivered in a safe, understanding environment focused on your needs.

It’s a practical, engaging and rewarding project that we’ve seen make a real impact on the lives of previous course graduates. We eagerly encourage you to come along to one of our open days and see if it’s for you or someone you care for.

The events are running on the following days in August:

Monday 14th, 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 15th, 6pm-8pm

Thursday 17th, 10am-12pm

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