Vernon Park’s ‘Into the Dark’ exhibition is out of this world!

Posted on the 22nd September 2017

Vernon Park Gallery has recently released a brand new art exhibition called ‘Into the Dark’ in a gallery underneath Vernon Park Café, featuring incredible space themed artwork and animations from clients across Pure’s art studios.

The exhibition has a little bit of everything from Sci-Fi such as E.T. and Star Trek, as well as depictions of the famous local observatory, Jodrell Bank. There’s even a screening room where you can watch a wide range of space themed animations created by our clients!

The opening evening was an incredible success; the guests excitedly toured the gallery in awe at the artwork on display. Mayor of Stockport Linda Holt was in attendance and received a personal tour of the exhibition with the artists themselves, discussing their work as they went.

She was inspired by the artwork on display asking if she could do a piece for Pure’s next exhibition at Manchester Airport, jokingly adding that she could only draw stick-men!

Mayor Linda Holt and artist Josh Wilkins.

The opening was a celebration of work created by members of Pure Studio, a collective of artists working in Stockport who receive support from Pure Innovations.

The evening was a great success, not only showcasing the fantastic quality of their work but the versatility of the space, accommodating a film screening, installation, sculpture and 2D work.

The new gallery will provide local artists with the opportunity to not only share their work but also curate the space and experiment.

Abigail Betton - Gallery Co-ordinator

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