2017: Celebrating successes and thanking our employers

Posted on the 4th December 2017

At Pure we believe that everyone deserves a rewarding and satisfying career and we are proud to work with a variety of people and organisations to make that happen.

Over the past year we at Pure, have supported over 130 people to enter paid employment by providing tailored workplace support. As the New Year dawns; we’re looking back at the success we have had helping people to live more fulfilled lives.

We’re thanking all our amazing employers for collaborating with us, as we couldn’t do it without you! We look forward to continuing to work together with these and other employers in 2018.

Pure support people in many different ways ensuring our clients are central to everything we do.  We feel strongly that that everyone deserves a rewarding and satisfying career and we encourage high aspirations.

Here are some of the many things that we do in order to support people into employment…

  • Job carving, working alongside employers to customise job roles. Working this way attracts more people with disabilities to apply and it’s a business win.  The right people, in the right job, achieving 100% performance and job satisfaction.
  • Job coaching – giving our clients support until they’re able to work independently.
  • Providing in work and out of work mentoring
  • Independent Travel training.
  • Supporting employers to embed creative ways to recruit and retain staff.
  • Delivering disability awareness training.
  • Supporting employers to make reasonable adjustments.


However, we would not be able to do this without employers. We would like to thank all the employers who work with us, employers that are passionate about equality, recognise the skills, talents and abilities that our clients have and go above and beyond to do the right thing.  We also know that at a time of economic challenge our clients become employees that are resilient and will contribute to a successful and thriving business.

Pure would like to thank these and the many other employers for helping us in supporting more than 130 people enter or sustain employment!

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