Pure Studio gets fired up for ceramics with the MAG Trust Fund!

Posted on the 22nd February 2018

Some really exciting news; thanks to the tremendous generosity of the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund, Pure Studio will soon be installing a new kiln at our Stockport facilities!

Four times a year, the board of the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund look at projects carrying out positive work across Greater Manchester and Cheshire which demonstrate a lasting benefit to the community and fulfil a select criteria, including (in Pure’s case) advancing social welfare.

Clients and staff alike are ecstatic at the news! Our Pure Artists, already so keenly interested in ceramics, have had to air dry their clay works in the past, leading to end products that weren’t as professional as they had hoped, or that didn’t match their creative vision.

A kiln fires and hardens clay making for stronger, more refined pieces that our supported artists hope to exhibit and sell. It provides a professional element to match the wonderful creativity and effort that the artists put into their work, and will open up so many possibilities with new materials and techniques.

None of this would be possible without the tremendous generosity of the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund. We are so very grateful to the board of trustees for seeing the value in our proposal and recognising the work that Pure Innovations does across the region, and we would like to convey our very sincere thanks.

You can read more about the good work the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund has done across the region here.

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