Pure’s Sport Relief Challenge: Where Your Money Goes

Posted on the 26th March 2018

So we have reached the end of our Sport Relief challenge and we would like to thank all the amazing, clients, staff and members of the public who have got involved to help us reach a whopping 1191 miles for us, which is the distance from Manchester UK to Barcelona Spain!

What Our £265 Raised Will Pay For

Together we have managed to raise a staggering £265 for Sport Relief. To put this all into perspective we would like to show you what this money would go to, from getting the information off the Sport Relief website and splitting it equally to see what the whole total of our money raised is worth.

Out of the money we’ve raised we have paid for:

  • 350 malaria diagnostic tests for people with malaria symptoms in Africa
  • 4 people in the UK with mental health issues, by providing a counselling session to learn coping strategies and set them on a road to recovery
  • 4 orphaned farmers in Rwanda, with all the seeds and equipment needed to grow high quality tomatoes and give them a sustainable income


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