Interns at Media City.

Posted on the 3rd May 2018

We’ve just spent two fabulous days catching up with our Supported Interns out at Media City. It is a wonderful, modern backdrop to a wide range of work placements as you can see from the photographs!

Max has two placements: one at The Beefeater and another at The Botanist. (above). Here we see him delivering meals to tables from the busy kitchen. Kebab anyone?

Intern Tom with staff at The Alchemist

Great chemistry, as always, at The Alchemist.

Tom, (above, centre) is learning the ropes as a bar back at The Alchemist. His role includes preparing the juices, ice balls and glasses for the cocktail bar’s  mixologists. Everyone has welcomed him on to the team and he is learning new skills all the time. And as we can see, he’s having fun too.

The interns also spend time in the classroom at The Greenhouse each day where they work towards an employability qualification delivered by our partners The Manchester College.  It is also a great opportunity for the interns to share their experiences and build friendships.

Classmates Caleb and Faith.

Here at Media City we have built up a large bank of wonderful employers who fully embrace the programme and our students.

The skills and confidence the students have gained are testament to the hard work they’ve put in. The overall impact truly is life-changing, not just for themselves but also their families.

Kate Duffy - Pure Senior Employment Officer

Salford Quays. A great place to work.

The placements provide hands on experience in real working environments. They are tailored to the abilities and potential of each intern and are supported by job coaches where required.

It is great to see the interns demonstrating their capabilities in bustling, ultra-modern Media City. They’ll be appearing in their own video soon too. Watch this space!

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