Queen Elsa: A Magical Bank Holiday At Etherow

Posted on the 9th May 2018

Barbecues, sunshine and a Disney queen: Etherow Park had just about everything this Bank Holiday weekend. The Visitor Centre was flooded with crowds waiting for a chance to meet Queen Elsa. It was almost as exciting as her Coronation Day.

However, even Elsa’s icy powers were not a strong enough match for the weather. It was scorching for the whole three days of the Bank Holiday.

That BBQ was one of THE most delicious ones I’ve ever had! 😋

Customer - Etherow Park Cafe, Facebook (Events)

The youngsters not only got to meet Queen Elsa, but also played fun Frozen-related games and did crafts with her. Elsa took photos with the children and handed out snowflakes for them to decorate. When the little ones showed Elsa their work, she was very impressed!

There was also a fantastic competition, with two Elsa dresses to be won. The young winners were ecstatic with their prizes. The competition raised funds for future fun events. Take a look at some of the exciting activities we have coming up on the link below.

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