Jason’s Employment Story

Posted on the 4th June 2018

Jason had a mental health condition that restricted him from gaining paid employment. He joined a new employment programme  at Pure that has dramatically improved his life. His condition has stabilised and he came to work with Pure Innovations in February 2018.

Jason previously worked as a driver and had worked with clients that have disabilities and require support to get to various destinations around Stockport. Jason ended his employment around four years ago due to a decline in health. Since then he has been unable to secure paid work and became socially isolated.

On the new programme, Pure supported Jason in many ways such as  helping with his CV. It differs from other programmes in that it is open to people are not accessing adult social care. It is part of a pilot  proof of concept (POC) programme forte Department of Work and Pensions.

It was soon established that Jason had the relevant skills to work as a Job Coach having a natural empathy with people. He felt that he wanted to give back to the community as he had received support himself in the past both from Pure and other Mental Health services.

I spent a lot of my time at home and as I live alone it could be very isolating. Since being on the employment programme I have also started to volunteer at Pure’s youth club each week helping young people to socialise.

Now I have gained employment I feel It has given me pride and my self-respect. I feel like a valued member of Pure Innovations. I love that I can give something back to Pure after the support that I have received from them over the years.

A paid job has changed things for me as it has given me routine and the opportunity to interact with other people in a professional environment. I am also enjoying being able to help someone else to achieve their goal of paid employment.

It has improved my health and well-being, because getting a job has made me motivated and more positive about my future and what I can achieve.

Jason - Job Coach

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