More Stories from the Mount Snowdon Walkers…

Posted on the 25th June 2018

As the Etherow Park Café and Pure staff continue with their endeavor to climb the mighty Mount Snowdon for the amazing charity Pure Insight; We are going to take a look at some stories from not just one, but two walkers.

If you haven’t yet seen the first story in this saga click here. If not, enjoy these stories of how Rob and Hannah are preparing themselves for this challenge and why they are doing it…


I am Rob Baker, Catering supervisor at Pure Innovations.

Pure Insight is an important charity to support as it has had an important influence on the lives of young adults who have left care and who are potentially in a vulnerable position.

I wouldn’t say I’m the fittest person, but I do go for the odd run or gym session every now and then. I certainly can’t see myself running up the mountain, but it sounds like a fun challenge!!!

I already have walking boots and the right kit so that’s a good start, and other than that I will take plenty of chocolate to keep us all going and lots of water.

I will hope for the best from the trip and I cant wait to get going!!!


Hi I’m Hannah, and I’m part of the Etherow catering team and recently this year, I have also joined forces with Emily focusing on events.
Having worked for Pure Innovations for the last 11 years, I know how influential and important the work Pure Insight does for young care leavers.
So let’s hope we raise lots of money to support them with the brilliant work they provide.

Am I prepared for the challenge?

Okay, in a word, NO!
I’ve never stepped foot in a gym! And am yet to have done any preparation for this mountain!
However, I have two children who keep me on my toes, along with my dogs who will drag me on a walk.
I enjoy all sports and back in my younger years I have been lucky enough to represent Stockport Harrier’s Athletic Club and was part of the Harrier’s team!
So I’m going to hope for some nice weather and enjoy the challenge!

What will I bring in my rucksack??

Wow, I don’t even own one at present!
But I’m going to go with the essentials.
The lighter the better really!

  • Makeup- so I’m photo ready
  • Hairbrush- to tame my windswept hair
  • Phone – is an explanation necessary
  • Cash- in case I need to bribe someone to potentially carry me
  • Water- to make sure I make it up and down alive

So nothing of much use at all really!

Although, I’m sure I’ll provide the team with endless entertainment and keep them looking their best!

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