Success At The Trafford Internship

Posted on the 27th June 2018

This year the Trafford Supported Internship has been amazingly successful. More and more employers have been getting involved with the programme and seeing the fantastic benefits of it.

First, let’s take a look at a parent of an intern from last year’s Supported Internship and how it has transformed Josh’s and her life since.

Josh's Mum talks about her son's 'dream job'

Take a look at how far this year’s interns have come since taking their first step into employability.


Luke started his internship feeling apprehensive of his skills and whether he would be able to succeed. However, with every placement he received, he learned something new and grew in confidence. This eventually lead him to where he is today, in his paid job at Costa Coffee working in customer service. He is now comfortable in his job and feels like he can be his true self with his fellow colleagues as well as work as a valued member of the team.

Luke with his colleagues at Costa Coffee


Sophie thought the internship was a great experience for the transition from college into work, because it was a different way of learning and she was able to try new things.

From the very first day of her internship Sophie was determined to be professional and show the managers what she was capable of. Sophie’s mindset definitely paid off and not only did she receive a paid job, but she also won an award for Trafford College’s Intern Of The Year!

Sophie poses with her award and tutor Fiona

When I was offered the job as ward clerk, it made me feel proud for me and my family that I had gotten somewhere in life. The internship has helped me find my confidence and believe in myself.

Sophie - Intern

That’s not all!

Seven of the interns so far have recieved a paid job with more to come. Take a look at how the rest of the Trafford Internship are getting on with their roles…

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