Introducing: The Kitchen

Posted on the 2nd August 2018

We would like to introduce to you our exciting new project in the making, The Kitchen. We are going to be opening a new café in Stockport. It will be a trainee café where clients will get to learn new skills, including all about how to make fresh bread and cakes.

There is also another amazing purpose behind this café that makes it so special… Not only does it serve a purpose for our clients, we are also going to be donating bread and cakes to other local charities. As well as that, we will be holding and catering for local holiday hunger clubs.

The café will be a community hub for local people and businesses. A place where people can join us for eating, drinking and meeting. Whether it’s with friends, family, colleagues, business partners or groups, everyone is welcome.

We will also be providing information on volunteering opportunities across Stockport within ‘The Kitchen.’

This may look like I'm stood outside a derelict building, but it's actually one of the most exciting community projects to hit Stockport this year! Pure Innovations are turning this into an open kitchen bakery and coffee shop, where their clients (disadvantaged adults) will bake bread and cakes for the whole of Stockport! Really excited about this one, its going to be ace!

Councillor Becky Crawford - Facebook

For all this we are hoping to raise £2500 to purchase an oven for the café. This money is for a great cause and will go a long way in starting off this vital community project. Every donation counts, no matter how big or small!

 If you wish to donate click on the link below to go to our Just Giving page.

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