Pure Innovations: Vernon Community Awards Nominee!

Posted on the 10th September 2018

Great news! Pure Innovations have been selected to take part in The Vernon Community Awards. The Vernon Building Society is giving away £10,000 to good causes in Stockport. Each charity or community group will receive a minimum of £200 with the remainder being distributed based on a public vote.

Previously known as the Vernon Jubilee Fund, they have provided over £60,000 to more than 70 community groups and charities since 2012.

There are two ways you can vote: Online, or by placing your vote within your local Vernon Building Society branch. Voting is open from 10th September – 15th October 2018.

Pure is a charity that offers a wide range of projects to support people in Stockport who have disabilities or are part of disadvantaged groups. These range from our art and animation services, to employment and independence projects such as Supported Internships.

We have also got a new café project opening on the 22nd October that will be a great feature to the community. The Kitchen will be a café in Stockport. Clients will learn catering and hospitality skills. It will be a open space where people of the community can eat, drink and meet. We also have many more exciting plans for the project and how we will use it to give back to the local area.

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