Former Interns Pass On Their Skills at Stepping Hill

Posted on the 24th October 2018

As previous interns have now achieved their paid jobs, a new set of interns have arrived to pave their way into employability. The ex-interns are using their expertise and are now passing down their knowledge onto this year’s interns. On the Stepping Hill Supported Internship not just one, but three former interns are now training our current interns on their work placements. The students have become the masters!

These interns are as follows:

  • Connor teaching Carl in domestic
  • Terry teaching James in portering
  • Mark teaching Stephen in the shop

Stephen is being trained by Mark and is making great progress!

It's been amazing to see interns from previous years teaching this year's interns how to undertake their roles on placement. They have the added benefit of understanding what they're experiencing.

Caroline Morgan

The interns are on a range of placements around the hospital. They’re making great progress in gaining experience and knowledge of the workplace. Maybe next year these interns could be teaching the new interns too!

What a great start to this years Stockport Supported Internship at Stepping Hill Hospital. We can’t wait to see what the interns achieve next, as they continue to grow and learn on their work placements and in the classroom.

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