Salford University: Our Interns On Campus

Posted on the 1st November 2018

Our Supported Internship programme now has a fantastic new site at Salford University. The interns are immersed in the heart of the campus, working among staff and students and learning about the world of work.

Here is what Louise Pritchard, Pure Employment Officer, had to say: 

Working on a campus gives the interns a unique opportunity to be encompassed in the University experience; a chance that they would otherwise not have. It is very exciting and inspiring.

Alexi re-shelves and sources books as part of the library team.

The University has been very accommodating in offering placements across the campus. Since we have been on the site all the new employers have been pleasantly surprised by the interns’ work performance. This is really encouraging and bodes well for the rest of the internship year.

The internship, which is in partnership with Salford City Council, Eccles College and Salford University has had a fantastic start to the year. A wide range of placements has been provided for the interns.

The interns’ work placements for the first term are:

  • Michael – mail room
  • Janet and Marie – Salfood cafés
  • Alexi – Library
  • Katie – reception in the New Adelphi building
  • James – caretaking team
  • Aaron – sports centre team

What a great start to the Salford University Supported Internship. We look forward to seeing what the interns achieve as they progress on their work placements throughout the year and we wish them the best of luck!

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