Visit Our WW1 Art Exhibition At Vernon Park Gallery

Posted on the 9th November 2018

This weekend we are hosting an exhibition (Peace, Tea & Checkmate) at Vernon Park Gallery to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One. It was curated by our clients at Pure Art Studio, who have made a wide range of displays to come and see. The exhibition will be opening tomorrow and finishing on 2nd December, so hurry on down!

The artists have taken inspiration from peace teas which started in response to the end of the world war. They were the first street parties which were set up to bring cheer to children during the hard times. The crockery displayed that represent the peace teas were designed using decoupage.

We wanted to create an exhibition that focused on communities being reunited. People coming home to their families and supporting each other post-war. We didn't want to focus on the conflict, we wanted to explore different aspects of the time, the family unit and communities coming together.

Abigail Betton - Art Facilitator

The group will also have an animation that they created as part of a separate group exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery which was curated by ‘Arc.’ Pure’s artists have taken inspiration for the animation from a poem ‘The Dreamers’ by Seigfried Sassoon. This exhibition will be opening on Sunday and closing in February.

Come along this weekend to Peace, tea & Checkmate and see all the beautiful art work commemorating the centenary of the war. The exhibition will commence tomorrow until 2nd December, you won’t want to miss it!

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