Shooting Hoops: Fun With Pure Sport.

Posted on the 20th November 2018

Micha stands in front of the basketball hoop in the sports hall. It seems impossibly high. She has missed several times but is determined. Dave Williams from Pure shows her a different way to throw to gain more height.

Micha shoots agin. The ball flies up and drops just on the rim of the hoop.  It seems to freeze – then tumbles right through the centre. She’s scored!

Micha is delighted. It is just one of so many personal victories for  Pure clients who attend our sport and exercise days at Life Leisure Avondale.

The sessions are held three times a week and cover a wide range of activities including rounders, cricket, football, boccia (a version of boules suitable for people who use wheelchairs) and of course basketball.

Watch the Pure All Stars here.

Each activity is adapted for people of all abilities including those who use walking frames or wheelchairs. Pure staff are always to hand with support  and advice where required.

The emphasis is very much on fun, fulfilment and team spirit. The results? High levels of engagement, lots of laughter, improved fitness and enhanced wellbeing.

It is amazing how people change when they come here. Some for example would just wait to be told what to do throughout the day when they first start. They quickly begin joining in, saying which activities they want to do, making friends and improving at the different sports too.

It is so rewarding when one particular client always says as he leaves "I've had a great day today Sue."

Susan - Pure, Community Support Worker.

I love coming here. I've made loads of friends. My Mum said it would be good for my health. I like rounders best.

Micha - Pure Sport Client.

As always we have an emphasis on health and safety. There are regular breaks (great for socialising) and no-one has to do anything they don’t want to do.   Pure Sport is great exercise – but so much fun you’d never know!

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