Rachael Reacts to Her Dream Placement at The Airport

Posted on the 12th December 2018

Rachael has always expressed a love for travel and tourism. Throughout college she was always talking about wanting to work at Manchester Airport. Once she had finished college she didn’t hesitate in applying for the Manchester Airport Supported Internship to pursue this dream. As Rachael has autism and no previous work experience she was unlikely to get a job through the usual channels. Rachael couldn’t have been more thrilled when she found out she was accepted to be an intern.

Prior to the Internship Rachael used local authority transport provision to get to and from college. Rachael’s first step towards independence was her completion of Travel Training provided by Embrace Wigan and Leigh. She is now a confident traveler and can travel to and from the airport using public transport four days a week.

Rachael using her staff access card.

I get so excited coming to the Airport and doing the checklists because everyday is different. I also get lots of exercise so it’s good for my health. I’ve made so many friends in work and in class and it gets me out of the house and meeting people. I love it.

Rachael - Intern

After a successful meeting with the Manchester Airport Customer Service Department, we found the perfect job for Rachael’s interests and skills. She is very thorough and works well with routine and specifically a checklist. With the support of Internship staff a checklist was developed which was adapted to enable her to carry out equipment checks in Terminal 3.

Two thumbs up for the Supported Internship!

When Rachael was accepted onto the internship at Manchester Airport it was possibly the best day of her life. Rachael was so happy she had the opportunity to fulfil her dream of working at the airport. I felt this was a new chapter of her life, leaving the comfort of the education environment and stepping out into the unknown. I was frightened for her, would people accept her? My fears were quickly gone. She is supported, she has colleagues who accept her for who she is and what she brings to the job role and I have seen her flourish into the person she aspires to be.

For myself as her Mother I feel so grateful that someone has given my bright and talented Daughter the opportunity to thrive and contribute to society.

Melissa - Rachael's Mother

The Internship is partnered with Manchester College and Manchester Airport. Together we have completed some exercises with Rachel individually and other interns as a group session. Here Rachael has been developing her skills around working in a professional environment.

Rachael has been so efficient on her placement they have now even extended her check-listing to Terminal 2.

Fantastic work Rachael! We hope to see great things from you as you progress through the internship and see where all your hard work leads.

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