Try Something New In 2019!

Posted on the 2nd January 2019

A happy New Year to everyone from all at Pure Innovations.

Is there a hobby or skill that you’ve always wanted to try? An ambition you’d like to achieve in 2019? This is the time when many of us resolve to make a few changes in our lives. Here is a quick taster of a few of the fulfilling activities and training opportunities  we provide for people with additional needs.

What takes your fancy?

Make films at our fantastic animation studio.

Supported by our skilled staff, you can create you own figurines and stories and build the sets too. Then bring your  models to life with stop motion animation and show your films to friends and family. Click here to check out some of our clients cool animations.

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Get in touch with you artistic side.

Pure Art Studios in Stockport are dedicated art spaces where you can create collages, 3D works, screen prints, paintings and much more. Work is often exhibited in our public gallery below Vernon Park Cafe and at external exhibitions. These have been in such elite settings as the John Ryland’s Library and the People’s History Museum.

We also offer crafts activities including textile working, card-making, model construction and much, much more.

Or how about Ceramics! You can create unique and beautiful works that, thanks to our new kiln, will really stand the test of time. Here Kathryn demonstrates how to get air bubbles out of the clay. Look great fun!

Pure Grow

Want to be outdoors more? Try horticulture. It is such rewarding hobby. It has a magical ability to help you both relax and keep fit! Whether you are out helping to keep our local parks spruce or growing and tending veggies in the poly tunnel with Pure Grow, your are sure to have fun and make friends. Try horticulture with Pure in Stockport and Oldham.

Pure Sport.

Want to be more active and healthy this year? Staying active is key to health and our sports sessions are a great way to get moving and have fun at the same time. We hold three fun days of sport a week at Life Leisure Avondale. Participants take part in a range of activities such as dodgeball, boccia (a form of bowls adapted for wheelchair users) football, basketball and more. All activities are adapted to individual abilities. Come and join the Pure Sport  fun.


Do you enjoy baking?So do we! We run several cafés in Stockport and Oldham, where you can learn catering and hospitality skills. We also hold baking sessions at Sanderling Building and the Jonathan Burns Centre in Middleton plus we provide great service in community cafes too.

Slice of lemon drizzle anyone?

This is just a quick look at our services across Stockport, Middleton & Oldham. There is something for everyone so check out the area links.

Want to know more? Contact us now and ring the changes for 2019.

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