Clients & Crocodile Crafts!

Posted on the 16th January 2019

Look at this fabulous life-sized crocodile being constructed by Pure art and craft clients. This gloriously green creature is so long it sprawls across several tables.

The group has been working on the crocodile since Autumn, but remained nameless – until today. So, while the clients were papier machéing their croc, they all came up with potential names for him or her. At risk of being too predictable the clients decided to avoid the likes of Snappy and Dundee and came up with these suggestions:

  • Peter
  • Nancy
  • Carl
  • Jessica
  • Betty
  • H (like H from Steps – of course)

Then they all voted for whichever name they liked best. The winner was – hold for drum roll – Nancy the Crocodile!

When Nancy the Croc is completed she will be living in Sanderling café with previous fantastic creatures created by the group. Remember Geoff the Giraffe and Leo the Lion? Then there’s the lovely rhino who lives in Pure’s head office (Rhino Court!) and a dinosaur who is resident at Etherow Country Park.

You may think of crocodiles as fierce and unforgiving beasts, but not Nancy. Her set of gnashers are only used for smiles.

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