Poignant Story of Suzie’s Fab Cat Cushion

Posted on the 28th January 2019

Here is Suzie with the gorgeous cat-shaped cushion she has made. But this lovely cushion is not just of any  cat. This is Max, Suzie’s much loved pet, who sadly passed away.

Losing pets is always upsetting even when, like Max, they are a good age. But Pure Community Support Worker Vicky came up with this brilliant cushion concept  in memory of Max. Suzie loved the idea and has put so much work into her creation. Here she explains why.

Max was my cat. I made the cushion because Max died. He'd gone to cat heaven.
I used to feed him and stroke him. He was beautiful with nice black fur. He was very old and sometimes cheeky.
I made the cushion so I can remember him.
Max the cat cushion is in the living room on the sofa where he used to sit and sleep.


Suzy was tearful when Max passed away and she was very keen on the idea of making something for him. She has worked so hard.

She chose the cosy corduroy fabric and his lovely bright blue button nose. The beadwork decoration she has done on him is wonderful.

Suzy now has a lovely way to remember her pet and can cuddle him if she ever feels sad.

Vicky Goodall - Pure Community Support Worker.

We think your cushion Max is fabulous Suzie. Well done!

This isn’t the first time Suzie has demonstrated her love for animals. Cats are obviously a favourite. Here is a picture of her making another recent creation: a padded picture of two feline friends.

It’s not all about textiles though for Suzie. She also enjoys the weekly music sessions at the Jonathan Burns Centre  where recently she has been playing on the keyboard.

Suzie’s cat cushion is so lovely and  we are confident he will be receiving cuddles for many years to come.

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