Salford Interns Meet the Mayor!

Posted on the 13th January 2019

Eight young people on our new Salford Council and University Internship have met the City Mayor of Salford at a special induction event.

In the impressive surroundings of the Council Chambers, Paul Dennett welcomed them all. He gave an insight into his vision for the future of Salford and his delight that the interns will have a role in it.

At the “meet and greet” session the interns were also introduced to the council managers they may soon be working with.

Interns in the council chamber

Few of us get to sit in the council chambers!

Interns Michael, Marie, Sophie, Katie, Janet, James, Aaron, and Alexei were both nervous and excited about meeting the Mayor but he quickly put them at ease.

Mr Dennett explained the role of the council in our everyday lives, his strategy for improvements in the city and his belief in young people.

Did his words have impact on the interns? Well just  see what Marie had to say:

I really enjoyed my time being able to listen and getting to meet the Mayor Paul Detton; to get the chance and the opportunity of a lifetime to hear the plans and vision for Salford.

Just by listening and hearing him speak it felt to me he had the passion and heart as a Mayor.

Going to the council was an amazing feeling and to hear I had a placement with them was emotional. It will be a challenge for me but I will not give up and I will prove I've got what it takes to do this internship and hopefully get a paid job.

Marie - Intern.

Aaron and Marie. Classroom study is an important part of the internship too.

The interns also had the opportunity to ask the Mayor questions. These included:

Q. What question do people ask you most?

A. Where is your mayoral chain? The mayor explained that everyone wants to know this! He is the Elected City Mayor of Salford and only the Ceremonial  Mayor wears the ornate chain.

and in light-hearted-mode

Q. What is your favourite biscuit?

A.  A digestive.

Three interns are now starting placements with the council. Marie has a catering role at Buillehill Park Hall.  Katie and Alexei will have admin roles with the Planning and Development  Department and Children’s Services respectively.

Salford U/C internship Mayor and Debbie Brown 2019

Director of Service Reform Debbie Brown and Mayor Paul Dennett de-mystify the role of councils in our lives.

I would like thank the Mayor, managers and staff at the council who have demonstrated their support for the internship. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Mr Dennett made the interns feel so welcome. He said that young people are Salford's future and has made them feel so proud that they will be involved.

Louise Pritchard - Pure Senior Employment Officer

Salford University is the other valued host employer on this Salford Internship. This dual approach provides a wide range of work placement opportunities with progressive employers.

If you would like to find out more about our Salford University and Salford Council Supported Internship please contact us here.

Our thanks also to Salford Council for fab pictures!

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