A ‘Smashing’ Time With Pure Ceramics.

Posted on the 21st January 2019

In truth, very little actually gets broken at Pure Ceramics sessions – but when it comes to creativity our artists totally smash it!

How do they do it? That’s what we want to know – so over the next few weeks we will be popping to and from our Vernon Ceramics Studio (above Vernon Park Cafe) to follow various masterpieces in the making. On Visit One we were very impressed to see how much fun everyone was having as they embarked on a new project to create ceramic heads.

ceramics group working on their ceramic heads

A great group activity with expert support and mutual encouragement!

I like doing this. It's a little bit messy. That's fun!

Eden - Ceramics Client.

Everyone enjoyed throwing the clay down to release the air bubbles that can cause clay to shatter in the kiln. Thereafter it was a much more studied affair. The concentration was almost tangible as the artists carefully  formed the hollow cups that would form the heads and shoulders of their works. There was plenty of time for chatter and laughter too of course.

These pieces now have to air dry before being fired.  But we’ll be back to see what happens next. A lot goes on before the clay transforms into colourful shiny pieces like these lovely tiles featuring plants found in Vernon Park.

Ceramic tiles featuring plants found in Vernon Park.

How satisfying it must be to create gorgeous items like these tiles.

Our Vernon Park ceramics studio is equipped with its own kiln (operated by staff) to give clay durability.  Support staff with a background in art ensure everyone knows what they are doing and can complete wonderful works.

No experience is required to join this fulfilling supported ceramics project. If you know anyone with a learning difficulty or disability who would like to give it a try, just get in touch.


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