The Boathouse Woodwork: A Hit With The Locals!

Posted on the 1st February 2019

Our woodwork project is a hit with the locals! Customers often come by while they’re at The Boathouse Café in Oldham’s Alexandra Park to buy the group’s wooden hand-made products. They also put in personal orders for the clients to make if they want something in particular, or want a existing product in a different size.

Not only do the public love the project, but the clients love it to! They get to learn new, practical skills while socialising with the rest of the group.

I do woodwork two times a week. My favourite part about it is making all different stuff and learning new things like using the sander. We work as a team and you don't know what you're going to make from one day to the next.

Ryan - Client

This fabulous wooden counter was made by the group!

Some projects that the wood work team has taken on in the past include Pure cafes’ signs, which you may have seen at The Boathouse and Etherow Park Café.

One of the most popular products with the locals are the garden planters. People can order them in whatever size they’d like for their garden. They’ve also been getting orders from different parks for hedgehog houses. Now you can see what Ryan means when he says he doesn’t know what he will make from one day to the next!

A job well done - woodwork clients with The Boathouse Café sign

The woodworkers have been also helping the media group clients, who work upstairs at The Boathouse, in preparation for Chinese New Year. The goal is to make a full length, wearable Chinese dragon! The woodwork group has helped out by constructing this elaborate wearable mask (as seen below.)

Recently, the media group made a trip to Chinatown to research dragon designs. They then created their own original design of the mythical creature. All of this is for a special event at the café on Tuesday 5th February, where there will also be Chinese food to celebrate the Year of the Pig!

The Boathouse Café has regular themed events like this, with specialty food and decorations. For example, last week they hosted a Burns night with tartan bunting and traditional Scottish dishes such as haggis and tatties.

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