MORE Travel Training for Young People with SEND in Bury

Posted on the 4th March 2019

We are delighted to announce that Bury Council has confirmed  it will be extending its Independent Travel Training contract with Pure Innovations to the end of March 2020!

In the last three years our Bury programme has enabled over 45 young people to develop the skills to travel both independently and safely on public transport.

The extension of this contract is confirmation that Pure Travel Training works. It will ensure that even more young people develop these skills and so reach their full potential over the coming year.

Travel training provides young people with a life skill that can unlock so many opportunities for them. They can access more work experience opportunities, leisure activities and greater options for their future education and employment.

The one-to-one training gives them experience on their most popular routes and through a series of carefully managed scenarios ensures they can keep themselves safe when anything unexpected happens such as a cancelled service.

We look forward to unlocking independence for more young people in Bury over the coming 12 months enabling them all to live more fulfilled lives.

Paul Wainhouse - Assistant Travel Training Contracts Manager, Pure

Tailored Service

Every Pure Travel Training programme is tailored to the individual young person. This begins with a face-to-face consultation with parent-carers to ensure everyone understands the process and any concerns and questions can be raised.

The process includes the young person and their dedicated Travel Trainer traveling together on  their most popular route, for example to school or college. They go at the actual time the young person  would do that journey normally.  Over time the  trainee  begins to do part of the journey independently, gradually building up until they can confidently make the journey alone.

Of course you will have many questions about the process and you can find many of the answers in this handy guide.

No Deadlines

Every young person is different. They perhaps attend different education providers and need to practise multiple journeys. They may travel on different forms of transport, for example a tram and then a bus. Some young people need more support than others.

We have an “as long as it takes” policy and young people only travel independently when we are confident they can do so.

A Greater Manchester Service.

We are delighted that we will be continuing to provide training in Bury.  But did you know we also provide this service in these boroughs?

  • Oldham
  • Stockport
  • Tameside
  • Rochdale
  • Bolton

If you would like to know more about how Pure Travel Training enables  young people to unlock their potential, please see our Travel Training Page.

You are invited to contact Paul Wainhouse at with any questions you may have .

Alternatively you can use our contact form by clicking the link below.

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