PEPs Enrichment Week!

Posted on the 12th April 2019

This week learners on our Personalised Education Programmes (PEPs) have been enjoying their Enrichment Week. This is an opportunity to relax and have fun with their peers, taking part in music sessions, baking and excursions.

PEPs is delivered on a one to one basis, which means learners don’t get the opportunities to socialise and develop communication skills with their peers. We therefore organise Enrichment Week to encourage friendships and to develop social skills.

On the Personalised Education Programme they hadan Enrichment week where one of the activities was designing cakes as a group.

Enrichment Week kicked off with some baking! The PEPs students researched cake designs on the internet. Once they had their designs they then decorated them accordingly. It was a nice, calming and fun activity to start the week off and allowed a safe space for the group to get to know each other.

The following day the group went to the Whitemoss Club for Young People for a music session and a few games of pool. In the music sessions they got to play a range of instruments including guitars and drums. The tutors gave a quick demonstration then the learners joined in either playing or singing. After all, who doesn’t love music?

Wednesday was the final group trip: an excursion to Manchester Museum to see its fabulous galleries of exhibits. On each of these excursions learners were able to experience independence skills travelling on public transport with their tutors.

All learners are individuals and we appreciate that some may struggle in group environments. For these learners we arranged enrichment activities throughout the week tailored to their interests which were one to one with their tutors. On Thursday and Friday all the learners took part in doing this.

The week provides a great opportunity for staff to assess how learners cope in group settings. This is important when assessing whether they are able to access group learning environments such as a Supported Internship or Apprenticeship in the future.

What a fantastic week for the PEPs students. We are glad they had such a great time!

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