FIVE Jobs for Wythenshawe Supported Internship.

Posted on the 21st May 2019

This is the first year of our  Supported Internship at Wythenshawe Hospital and already it has secured five jobs for interns!

James, Nathan, Jacques, Sana and Artur are all now in paid employment.

It’s a fantastic result and proof again that Supported Internships really work.

Here’s a quick look at the new members of the workforce and insight from the Supported Internship team!


James has been in work since December. He was already a volunteer for the Autistic Society of Greater Manchester Area (ASGMA) and helped with organising events and activities for young people. On the Supported Internship he built on this experience substantially through a work placement as Activities Co-ordinator on various wards. From bingo  to board games, James keeps everyone entertained and engaged.

Just three months into the internship he was offered a paid role as Activities Co-ordinator by  ASGM. This is in a project funded by the Co-op. Brilliant work!

Interns Nathan and James smiling together at Wythenshawe Hospital

James and Nathan - The Internship is great for making friends too!


Nathan is delighted with his job with a leading fast food chain. Best perk? A free McDonald’s every day!

His great communication skills shone on his work placements and Pure Employment Officer Lisa Crank knew he’d be a great fit in a customer-facing role. The manager at a McDonald’s branch in Manchester interviewed Nathan  – and agreed!

Now Nathan is in a paid role as a Customer Assistant where his duties include helping customers with their electronic touchscreen orders. Read his full story here.

The supported Interns in a classroom session run by a tutor from The Manchester College.

Our internships also include employability training .

Classroom Learning

The Supported Internship includes an employability qualification from The Manchester College. Tutor Andrew Parkinson explained the significance of having a host employer such as Wythenshawe Hospital.

Having classroom facilities within the hospital gives the students a great opportunity adjust to a real working environment. It underlines for them the fact that this is a course focused on the work place and is all about them getting a job.

Andrew Parkinson - Tutor


Jacques is another intern who achieved his goal. He quickly proved that he could complete tasks accurately and master new skills.

He progressed from the internship to a paid job with Morrisons Daily (formerly McColl’s).  Jacques is a retail assistant and his roles include  replenishing stock and serving customers.

Pure Employment Officer Lisa Crank is very pleased with the success of the internship and the first year is not over yet!

Wythenshawe Hospital has proved to be such a supportive and welcoming host employer. We have built up from scratch a network of managers who are really on board with the ideals of the internship and are keen to help.

We all want to give young people with learning difficulties the opportunity to prove themselves in the workplace. These job successes have shown that they really deserve it.

Lisa Crank - Employment Officer.
Pure Employment Officer Lisa with interns Artur and Sana

Lisa (centre) with the two latest interns to be offered jobs, Artur and Sana.

Sana and Artur

As Employment Officer Lisa is always looking for progressive employers who are keen to have a diverse workforce. She contacted Homebase in Altrincham and was very pleased when the management agreed to give interns Sana and Artur working interviews. The interns impressed so much that they were both offered jobs!

Sana is a team member who work on the tills for 22 hours a week. Artur has a role in the Garden Centre where his duties include watering the plants and keeping everywhere tidy.

Congratulations to all the interns and to everyone on the Wythenshawe Internship team in this very successful first year.

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