Our NEW Mental Health Network – A Self-referral Service

Posted on the 17th May 2019

In Mental Health Awareness Week we are delighted to unveil our brand new service for Stockport: the Mental Health Network, (MHN.)

This is a dedicated service for people who have been in, are in or are about to leave statutory mental health services. We can feel so vulnerable when support we have come to rely on is no longer there. The Mental Health Network  is there specifically to bridge that gap  and ease the transition back into everyday life.

Anyone in the categories above can self-refer. That just means contact us! You will find the short self referral form on our Mental Health Network page. Someone from our MHN team headed by Kristian Wraxall will get back to you for a quick chat about your wants and needs and to arrange a meeting.

Together we can identify your wants and needs  based around your  interests and circumstances. We can help you research:

  • social groups around your interests
  • exercise and sport venues and groups.
  • volunteer opportunites
  • education and training
  • peer to peer support

We can then accompany you to these activities or meetings – because we know it can be hard to enter a room where you don’t yet know anyone.

The Mental Health Network is a free service funded by Stockport Council. Our partners in the network are Sparc (Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre) and  Beacon Counselling.  

For more information about other things the Network has to offer and how you can engage with this new service please go to  our Mental Health Network page using the link below.

Alternatively you can contact us on : 0161 470 1227 or by email at mentalhealthnetwork@pureinnovations.co.uk

We are here for you.

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