Five Jobs, One Supportive Employer: Horwich Farrelly

Posted on the 5th June 2019

Horwich Farrelly has been working closely with our Trafford Supported Internship. In the last two years it has proved such a supportive employer, offering five interns permanent paid jobs.

At Pure we feel strongly that everyone deserves a rewarding and satisfying career and we encourage high aspirations. Supportive employers who are passionate about equality play a vital role in this.

This is the Horwich Farrelly story.

Year One

Bob and Kyle were the first to earn their jobs with the company in 2018. Horwich Farrelly offered them work placements as part of the internship and they quickly impressed their managers. The company then offered them permanent paid positions.

Bob is an assistant in the closing team and is now joined by another intern; she got the job this year. His job includes checking there is zero outstanding balance on every client file sent for ‘closing.’ If not he forwards them to the correct person. 

Kyle works in the post room. His duties include collecting mail from all around the ten-storey building and sorting it for posting.

Both Bob and Kyle remain hard working Horwich Farrelly employees!

Bob and Kyle at Inclusive Employer Horwich Farrelly after earning a paid job there through Pure Innovations Trafford Supported Internship

Bob and Kyle with their Horwich Farrelly Colleagues

Year Two

Horwich Farrelly  managers were happy with the benefits of the Supported Internship. This year they offered not one, not two, but three permanent job roles to our Trafford interns. All had excelled in their work placements.

Ed earned a job in the facilities team. His responsibilities include supporting reception duties, checking equipment around the office and logging if it needs replacing. Ed was nervous at first about working in such a large building, but he was quickly made welcome by the Horwich Farrelly team. It was reassuring having others from the Supported Internship working there as well.

Harry was offered a job as a Legal Call Handler. He works on the phones in the call centre department transferring calls to the relevant case worker. This was great for Harry as he had already gained experience in customer service from a placement on a reception desk at Trafford General Hospital.

Just like their first interns earlier this year, Horwich Farrelly had everything prepared and ready for all of our new starters in their induction and this made the interns feel welcome, as did all the staff.

Natalie Irvine - Senior Employment Officer
Harry at work at Horwich farrelly on the phone after earning a paid job thanks to them being a supportive employer

Harry hard at work in the Call Centre Department.

Being a Supportive Employer

Horwich Farrelly’s progressive outlook has attracted an external website. Insurance Edge focuses on innovation in the global insurance industry. See a quote from their article below:

The Pure Innovations initiative has been a great success and we are extremely pleased that students have become part of the Horwich Farrelly family. Our belief is that anybody can work if they are given the right support; that everyone has something of value. It’s all about getting to know the individual and finding out what their skills and aspirations are and how best to support them. We were delighted the interns accepted our offers of permanent positions and we are looking forward to seeing what the future brings with this scheme.

Liz Partington - Horwich Farrelly Director of People

Horwich Farrelly hasn’t only provided jobs. It demonstrates its commitment to diversity in the workplace in other ways. We provide ongoing Learning Disability Training to its staff so everyone has a greater understanding of disability in the workplace.

Supportive employers are so important to our work. We really value them and their time. A paid job is life changing for our interns and other Supported Employment clients. It gives them important independence they wouldn’t otherwise have. We support them until they are able to work well and independently.

If you are an employer who would like to know more about supporting our work please click here. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you to Horwich Farrelly for being such a supportive employer!

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