Lights, Camera, Action! Performing Arts With Pure

Posted on the 18th July 2019

Stockport clients are collaborating with exciting performing arts company Made by Mortals to create their own original musical!

Made by Mortals is a social enterprise tackling big issues through theatre and music. With Pure clients they are creating a work that will evolve around the subject of people with disabilities in work.

Creativity is Key

The group meets each Friday.  Andy Smith and Paul Hine who run Made By Mortals make sure everyone’s input is valued.  Clients have been coming up with lyrics, story lines and deciding how they want the music to sound. Andy and Paul will be piecing all this together to curate a full play.

Breaking the Ice

Each session begins with an ice breaker. Last week’s involved acting out the things that made each person happy from walking the dog to clothes shopping!  This was lots of fun and allowed everyone to get to know a little more about each other. The performers were soon acting out little scenes they had devised accompanied by improvised keyboard music. In no time they were coming up with ideas stage left, right and centre.

Making Music

They have now begun writing songs in preparation for the performance. They are deciding  how they want the music to sound – upbeat, downbeat, high or low – based on the mood. Andy and Paul are helping them as they compose lyrics telling a story of disability and employment.

Our performing artists are enjoying themselves so much that when it is time to take a break many don’t want to stop!

This is clearly a very exciting and popular new activity for Pure clients with everyone was so enthusiastic throughout the session. Made By Mortals with the Pure performers are hoping to  complete their musical in autumn.

Watch this space.  Stars will be born!

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