PEPs: Brad Visits Police Dog Academy

Posted on the 4th July 2019

Brad has always been interested in the police and it is his ultimate dream to work for them. He is a student on our Personalised Education Programme (PEPs). Pure’s Wayne Shotton organised a rare visit to the Greater Manchester Police Dog Training Unit at Hough End. This was an access all areas tour given by the trainer of police dog trainers! What a great experience for Brad.

Brad proved he has extensive knowledge about police work and was eager to learn more. He never ran out of questions to ask.

SEND learner on Pure Innovations Personalised education programme visits police dog training

Police Dogs In Action

Brad saw a demonstration of  how police dogs are taught their many different skills.  A German Shepherd dog carried out many impressive tasks including:

  • using his keen sense of smell to find ‘evidence’ – in this instance a set of keys.
  • jumping a range of obstacles including in and out of a window.
  • chasing ‘suspects’ and  halting if they surrender.

Brad was also able to try on the ‘bite suit’. This featured a metal bar so the pressure of the dog’s bite is blocked. This was certainly Brad’s personal highlight of the day!

Brad from Pure innovations Personalised Education Programme on an employer visit toa police dog training academy in manchester

Tour Of The Kennels

Brad was also given a tour of the kennels where he met retired and off-duty police dogs. He loves dogs and has five of his own at home so this was another memorable experience.

One happy-go-lucky cocker spaniel by the name of Billy was bursting with excitement to see his guests. Heroic Billy once saved a life when he found someone in need of urgent medical attention.

Pure Innovations PEPs student brad with retired police dog on employer visit

Billy was a very happy little fellow!

A Piece Of History

Brad was also fascinated by a room inside the centre showcasing police history and artifacts.  Once again he was full of questions, asking all about the different equipment on display.

This visit was brilliantly suited to Brad and his interests. He learned lots and was inspired even more so to achieve his dream. Our warm thanks to Greater Manchester Police for giving Brad this valuable experience.

PEPs provide alternative education to young people with Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND). The programme works on a one to one basis and as you can see it is very much tailored to each learner’s needs.

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