High Drama at Pure!

Posted on the 9th September 2019

Wow! Rehearsals are well underway for the first production by our new Pure Drama group and already the show is amazing!

There are group songs, solos, characters evolving and a script with real emotional punch is taking shape.

It is all under the guidance of Paul Hine and Andy Smith of theatre-making social enterprise Made in Mortals. They have drawn out stories from group members of their own experiences employment, negative and positive. A serious theme, yes, but delivered with such high-energy and fun that the rehearsal room rocks!

The entire play is shaped around the group's own experiences and driven by their suggestions.
It is so empowering for people to see their own thoughts and experiences embodied in a play. It makes them see that what they think matters.

Paul Hine of Made by Mortals

Some of the group members already have an impressive performing arts record. They include:

  • Ruth who has been in amateur productions elsewhere including versions of Les Miserables and The Tempest.
  • Susan whose past performances  include a role as an island girl in South Pacific.
  •  Sean who is in a drama society at the University of Salford. He is also an Internet vlogger!
  • Adam scripts his own radio show animations at Pure Art Studio.

This is a first shot at treading the boards for other clients though and they are hooked. In this supportive group everyone values everyone else’s input.

I love plays and I love acting. I love singing too. I have been in musicals before. I like everyone being together and coming up with ideas, trying them out. It is really good fun.

Ruth - Actor in the Pure Drama Company.

Pure Community Support Worker Donna has a performing arts background and is really  in her element. With CSW Rhys she helps ensure everything runs smoothly.

Now the group has just a  few more weeks to work on its show before curtain up. The Guildhall in Stockport is booked; posters are being prepared; costumes and props hunted down. We can’t wait.

Watch this space for more more dramatic developments!

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