Inclusion Is Key At Our Middleton Tai Chi

Posted on the 12th September 2019

Interesting, structured and fun:  three words Bernard uses to sum up his sessions. Bernard is a professional martial arts instructor and Community Support Worker with Pure. He teaches Tai Chi to clients with such success that many of the group have already achieved two certificates. Now they are working towards more.

Tai Chi offers numerous benefits to both body and mind. It is often described as meditation in movement and makes participants feel relaxed. It’s great exercise too. Relaxing exercise: brilliant!

Toni and Hayley demonstrate some of the Tai Chi moves they have learned.

Tai Chi is also an art that can be practised in a wheelchair.  Its flowing movements are great low-impact, upper-body exercise with the same wellbeing benefits as standard Tai Chi.

I like to make sure everyone feels included and is enjoying themselves while maintaining structure. If you make something fun people learn so much more.

I deliver my sessions with the understanding that everyone learns at their own pace. Once they've achieved something they gain so much confidence. That's what it's all about!

Bernard Collett - Pure Innovations
tai chi with pure innovations middleton

These practise rings are used to help perfect technique.

The clients are very passionate about Tai Chi. Everyone’s favourite move is the single whip which you can see Toni demonstrating in the video above.

The group members often count to ten in Japanese when carrying out the moves – impressive! They practise the Yang Style Short Form which incorporates 24 separate moves in sequence.

Their current goal is a demonstration for the Chinese New Year celebrations at their base, the Jonathan Burns Building in Middleton. We can’t wait to see it!

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