A Mum’s Views on Independent Travel Training

Posted on the 28th October 2019

Parents understandably feel apprehensive when a child with a learning difficulty or autism sets out on their own but independence is so important. Who better to provide views on the value of Independent Travel Training than another parent who has been there?

Travel Fears Proved Unfounded

In this new shortened video mum Alison Sandiford explains how her initial concerns were quickly overcome when she found out exactly what Pure Travel Training involves.

Our thanks to Luke Wainhouse for editing this film.

Yes,  there is much more to it than just dropping someone off at a bus stop!

Pure Innovations has been delivering travel training since 2010. We have provided many hundreds of young people with an important life skill. It opens the doors to  vast range of opportunities from social aspects such as going to the cinema with friends to going to college and getting a job.

Areas in Greater Manchester Covered By Pure Travel Training.

We provide Travel Training for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in the following areas:

If you skipped the video, then at least don’t miss this very  important point made by Alison.

No two children are the same, especially with special needs. They are all different: round pegs, square holes - they don't fit. It has to be built around them, And that's what you [Pure] did. It's a very personalised programme and that's probably the key to it working actually.

When you say "travel training" people think you just put them on a bus and wave goodbye but you don't. You make sure they actually know how to get on that bus; how to pay the money; how to get a ticket ... what to do if there was an emergency; what to do if they got off at the wrong stop. They cover everything and parents need to know all that.

Alison Sandiford - parent

You can find out much more about Pure Travel Training just by clicking here.  There’s a handy guide and a video by former supported intern Josh about his travel training experience.

Do you know someone who would benefit from saying goodbye to taxis?


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