Pure Drama Stars Shine In Disability Smash Hit

Posted on the 14th October 2019

Razzmatazz Exposes Disability Employment Prejudices

The first production by our new Pure Drama Players packed a mighty punch. Shift! puts negative attitudes towards disability employment right in the spotlight.

Its world premiere at Stockport Masonic Guildhall last Friday also featured a beautiful alternative reality where everyone had their own particular dream job. They included an astronaut, beautician, builder, martial arts expert, fashion model and the King and Queen of Stockport!

Professional Polish

Shift! was acted and sung with real passion and talent by the cast. The show was crafted from the group’s own ideas and lived-experience by the innovative theatre-makers Paul Hine and Andy Smith – aka Made By Mortals.

The collaboration resulted in a polished production with amazing music, atmospheric dry ice, marvellous acting and fantastic costumes – as you can see in the pictures!

The cast members were also delighted to be joined by professional actress Amy Drake who helped them with their performances.

Discrimination Destroyed

Embodying the show’s themes was an ingenious pyramid sculpture centre stage representing discrimination. Created by visual artist Johnny Woodham it was decorated by the group with many of the negative terms they have come up against.

A highlight of the show was when the pyramid was pulled apart revealing all the positives within that should replace all those negative terms.

The past few weeks I've really enjoyed doing the drama and who I've been doing it with. I have learned how to do acting on a stage. It's been a really good experience for me because I've never done anything like it before.

Alex - Pure Drama Performer

Standing Up Against Discrimination

The stirring final number was a firm declaration that things must change.

“So we’ll stand up together
For what is right forever!”

Little wonder there was such a rousing standing ovation from the audience – an audience that included the Mayoress and Deputy Mayor of Stockport. Thank you for joining us.

What a powerful piece of theatre.  If you want to see more about this production, watch out for our Review Part Two later this week!

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