Shift! Pure Drama Act II – With Video!

Posted on the 18th October 2019

Why were Pure Drama clients so passionate about their musical production Shift!?

The answer is crystal clear in the lyrics of one of the fab numbers in their show:

“It’s a chance for us to dream.
to be who we want to be,
a chance for you to see
who we are”

What we saw were confident, passionate performers striking home their message that they’ve had enough of discrimination in the work place.

Take a look here at their opening number!

Shift! was created by the group in a brilliant partnership with theatre makers Paul Hine and Andy Smith – aka Made By Mortals with support from Stockport Local Fund. It fully deserved its standing ovation from the audience at Stockport Masonic Guildhall last Friday.

Pure Community Support Workers Donna and Rhys also took on performing roles and with professional actress Amy Drake played key parts in bringing the production together. Great work!

Mayor of Stockport Laura Booth loved it too!

I have been a Disability Rights advocate all my life and the themes of this production have really resonated with me. It shows that those stereotypical views about what people with a disability can and cannot do have to change.

Laura Booth - Mayoress of Stockport

Shift! presents the negative attitudes that people with  a learning difficulty or disability have had to encounter when the subject of employment is raised. Somehow it has succeeded in doing this with high energy and loads of fun.

They said it, we said it and we’ll say it again:

“So we’ll stand up together
For what is right forever!”

If you missed our first post on Shift! early this week, check it out here.

Our warm thanks to everyone involved.

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