Fluffy Therapeutic Friends – NEW To Pure Support Stockport

Posted on the 8th November 2019

Animal therapy company Pawsative Attitude visited our Stockport Support clients bringing along a menagerie of fluffy friends. They included rabbits, guinea pigs and hyper pup called Humphrey.

Everyone had a fantastic time holding and stroking the rabbits and guinea pigs. They also enjoyed playing fetch with Humphrey who was being spoiled with lots of treats!

The visit was amazing! A lot of clients who are not usually as engaged were engaged for the full hour. The whole atmosphere was really relaxed. The clients were really smiley and chatting with each other. They were all really respectful to the animals too.

Megan DeMeza-Wilkinson - Client Facilitator at Pure

This fantastic visit won’t be Pawsative Attitude’s last. They will be visiting us every week for a full year! This is thanks to a generous grant from the National Lottery.

Previously, we had received visits from charity Pets as Therapy and its dog Scruffy. They were very popular with everyone and proved to have so many positive effects on the clients. This is why we were so keen to receive a grant for more pet therapy.

Who loves animals? We know we do and our clients do too! Our furry friends help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

The benefits for our clients include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing anxiety & depression
  • Relaxing & lifting spirits
  • Improving communication & engagement
  • Reducing feelings of loneliness & isolation
  • Increasing confidence

This is so great to see and we look forward to all the sessions to come!

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