Music Is A Hit At The Jonathan Burns Centre!

Posted on the 6th November 2019

The music group at the Jonathan Burns Centre has been learning to play instruments including guitar, piano, drums and the ukulele.

Hitting The Right Notes

Each session starts with everyone practising their instruments and learning to play songs. Community Support Worker Bernard runs these sessions in a way that allows everyone to work at their own pace. Whether it’s a simple melody or a more complicated tune, the group members practise in their own time to perfect it. Client Toni is a big fan of Elton John and is learning to play ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ on piano. Brilliant!

Let Your Voice Be Heard

There are no barriers when it comes to the sessions – some clients who are hard of hearing are learning to play instruments too. Bernard also incorporates sign language into the sessions to make the class as inclusive as possible.

Background to Music

The group also learn about the more theoretical side to music including:

  • Famous composers and artists
  • A wide range of genres
  • History and evolution of genres
  • All different types of instruments
  • History, evolution and anatomy of instruments

In conclusion, they learn a lot about music!

At the end of each session they all take part in a quiz which is a fun way to put their knowledge to the test. As the quiz can get competitive they find themselves paying extra close attention in sessions leading to them learn even more. Here they answer questions such as ‘name three men and three women in country music.’ Impressive knowledge.

pure client learning about music at jonathan burns centre in middleton


Bernard ensures all this learning and skill perfecting is good fun.

In one popular activity  everyone gets a turn playing a tune on the floor piano. Bernard’s ethos is that there are no barriers and everyone can get involved. Those who can’t walk or struggle to, still get to take part . They choose their own notes and select a friend to play them.

Every session someone has the opportunity to play their music from YouTube. They pick a name out a hat and whoever’s name is chosen gets to play their favourite song. What a great way to share and listen to everyone’s different tastes.

pure innovations client plays piano at middleton support

What a brilliant session:  educational, inclusive and most importantly great fun!

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