PEP Students’ Original Newsletter – PEP Talk

Posted on the 15th January 2020

Our Personalised Education Programme (PEP) students have collaborated to create their own weekly newsletter titled PEP Talk. Two editions of the newsletter have been released so far with more to come. Each has written their own features around their interests, achievements on PEP and much more. These are shared to parents, carers, learners and Pure staff.

Enjoyable Learning

This newsletter provides opportunity for the young people to develop their literacy, team work and employability skills in an enjoyable and rewarding way. It has also given them great insight into their peers’ interests and what they have been working on.

Part of Personalised Education Programme's newsletter PEP Talk

Interesting facts and an insightful interview from PEP Talk.

Creating PEP Talk

Pure Learning Coach Elizabeth Evers devised Pep Talk as a way the students can all collaborate to achieve a meaningful piece of work. It’s something that can be done during one-to-one sessions with a Learning Coach for those who are not yet ready to meet face to face with others. For those who can it provides a good incentive to join together. Healthy competition to deliver the best article and feature on the front page has proved a great motivation for learners too.

Students enjoy seeing their work in the newsletter as well as reading others. When PEP Talk was first introduced some students didn’t want to contribute, but after the first edition they were keen to take part and they continue to enjoy it.

It has provided a platform for students to go and visit places to get inspiration for their stories. Feedback has told me learners feel a sense of satisfaction and importance just by emailing their article over to me knowing it will go in the paper.

Elizabeth Evers

PEP student Eden's photograph taken on a Photography outing at Vernon Park.

PEP Talk: Read All About It!

One feature in the newsletter is about the new PEP photography project. Another is Nile’s description of moving into his new flat. There is also a great range of stories, facts and tips to enjoy.

Want to read more? See the first two editions right here:

What Is The Personalised Education Programme?

PEP is a bespoke education programme that operates on a one-to-one basis for young people between the ages of 16-24 with an Education & Healthcare Plan (EHCP). It enables learners to develop their independence and employability skills. This is achieved through a variety of means such as Travel Training and Work Experience.

We can’t wait for future editions of PEP Talk to find out what the group achieves!

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