Pure Innovations to Run The Windmill Coffee Shop in Stockport

Posted on the 10th January 2020

We are delighted to announce that Pure Innovations will be running The Windmill Coffee Shop in Stockport from Monday, January 20th. (See it on the right of the picture above.)

We will bring all our experience from Pure cafes in Stockport and Oldham along with freshly baked produce from our own bakery The Kitchen. Most importantly we will also provide even more valuable training opportunities for our clients with a learning difficulty or autism.

Great Location

The Windmill Coffee Shop is on the ground floor of the Stockport Homes Cornerstone building on Edward Street just off the A6.  It is next to Stockport Town Hall on the site of the former Lamborghini showroom.

The Windmill Cafe from across the A6 in Stockport

The Windmill Coffee Shop – History Behind The Name

What’s in a name? A lot of history. There really was a windmill right here! It was built in 1784-5 to provide power for Edward Street Mill and was an impressive landmark. Just ten years later wind power was superseded by a steam. The mill closed down in 1842 and the sorry remains of the windmill were finally demolished in 1857.

The windmill foundations were uncovered in the demolition of the car showroom in 2016. See photos and a video of them  in this great blogpost from Stockport Heritage Trust.

The cafe name retains a link to the site’s proud industrial history.


Nowadays the area is a bustling business and education district and the cafe will offer a great selection of lunches, cakes, drinks and snacks for customers. As always, our clients with a learning difficulty or autism will reap many benefits from learning new skills and having a valued role in the community.

We look forward to welcoming customers at The Windmill Coffee Shop from January 20th.

Hope to see you there!

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