Bus Enthusiast Intern Lands Dream Placement!

Posted on the 27th February 2020

Thomas’s work placement as a Bus Station Assistant is perfect for him as he has a real passion for all things buses. He is working at Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) gaining experience as part of his Stockport Supported Internship. When Senior Employment Officer Caroline Morgan told Thomas she had secured the placement he cried tears of joy.

Work Placement

On placement Thomas’s tasks include:

  • Keeping the bus station clean
  • Reporting any problems to a supervisor
  • Monitoring bus services and reporting if they leave late
supported intern working at tfgm in stockport bus station supported internship placement

I came on the Supported Internship to get some more education and work experience so that I can get a paid job. My favourite thing about this placement is working with the staff and I really like the view from the office. You can see everything - the whole bus station. Buses have always been my hobby. This is my dream placement here.

Thomas - Intern
view of stockport bus station

The Stockport Supported Internship is a partnership between Pure Innovations, Stepping Hill Hospital and Cheadle & Marple College.

Gaining Work Experience

Thomas has been on three work placements so far on his internship. His first was at a restaurant and his second was at Costa Coffee. These helped him to gain valuable employability skills including good customer service and professionalism in the workplace.

He has also been going the extra mile volunteering at our café and bakery The Kitchen on Saturdays.

supported internship work placement with colleagues at tfgm in stockport

Thomas is great at helping customers find which route they need to take thanks to his knowledge of bus routes. His colleagues find this knowledge extremely impressive too. His politeness and professionalism also make for great customer service skills.

The Perfect Match

It is so great to see someone’s interest match so well to their placement. We wish Thomas all the best for the rest of his Supported Internship journey!

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