One Voice Radio Talks With Pure Innovations CEO

Posted on the 5th February 2020

Our One Voice radio team had a very special guest last week. Louise Parrott-Bates the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pure Innovations! She came to the studio to chat all things Pure and her role as CEO.

Each of the team took turns on the mic to ask their questions. One question: What does Pure offer? This sparked an interesting conversation not just about what we do, but why we do it. Client Alex made a great point about how structure and routine is very important in his life. This includes his job at Frankie and Benny’s that he secured through our Employment Programme. He added that the activities he does at Pure give him that valuable routine too.

pure innovations ceo Louise Parrott-Bates at the grey horse in stockport speaking with one voice radio team

Louise has worked in many different roles before becoming CEO. What remains her favourite part of the job? Improving people’s lives.

Client James asked if there was anyone with a disability on our Board of Trustees. Louise responded not currently, but then asked if he would like to come along to a board meeting to see if it is something he would be interested in. What a brilliant idea.

Listen Up!

The show will broadcast on Your FM radio station 107.8 at 8pm tonight (05/02/2020). Be sure to tune in!

If you miss the show on the radio you can still catch it on the Pure One Voice Mixcloud. There is a host of other interviews, music and discussions to enjoy too. Click here to listen now!

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