Tai Chi By Talented Clients – Watch Now

Posted on the 4th February 2020

Talented clients performed a beautiful demonstration of tai chi as their homage to Chinese culture.

Hayley and Toni have already completed their Level Two Awards. Zack, who is registered blind, in a newcomer to the weekly sessions that are taught by Sensei Bernard Collett. They all rose to the challenge brilliantly. Just look at their graceful performance in this short video.

Sensei Bernard, also a Pure Innovations Community Support Worker, is a  qualified instructor in several martial arts. He is passionate about the health and wellbeing benefits of tai chi. So too are his  students:

I really enjoy tai chi. The moves are nice to do. It's relaxing and gets rid of anxiety and worries. - Hayley

Tai chi helps me with my balance. I used to wobble on some of the moves but am getting much more steady. I'm stronger too and it helps relieve stress. One day I'd like to be an instructor. - Toni

I have only just started but want to be as good as Toni and Hayley. I am registered blind with no sight in one eye and very little in the other. The 'pushing and receiving energy' moves with a partner help me feel confident about what I am doing.
- Zack

Pure Innovations tai chi clients.

Oriental Ornamental!

To add to the Oriental theme The Jonathan Burns Centre in Middleton was decorated with beautiful works made by the Art and Craft group. These included colourful lion masks ornamented with trailing curled ribbons.

In addition crispy spring rolls, Chinese dumplings and other tasty treats were served to the appreciative audience of clients and staff.

Sensei Bernard runs two distinct sessions of tai chi each week. The second  is designed specifically for clients with restricted mobility including those who use a wheel chair.

Tai chi has benefits for all. It includes breathing techniques that can be transferred to every day life, for example, when dealing with a difficult situation. On the other hand, using the pads helps release aggression in a controlled way.
Martial arts are very much about self control and mutual respect.
It is such a shame that Paul, who normally takes part, was ill today and couldn't attend. He has worked so hard too. I am so proud of them all and they should be very proud of themselves.

Sensie Bernard- Pure Innovations Community Support Worker.

Tai chi is just one of many activities available at or from the Jonathan Burns Centre in Middleton. From IT sessions to trips out to a community farm or ten-pin bowling, there are always fun and rewarding things to do.

Why not take a look for your self?

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