All Smiles as Pure Support Services Re-open!

Posted on the 19th June 2020

What a brilliant week!

Clients in Stockport, Oldham and Rochdale are at last seeing friends again and taking part in fun, rewarding activities in our centres. There are smiles everywhere. It’s hard to say who is more  delighted to be back,  clients or staff!

Where to begin? Well how about this fabulous NHS tribute mini-movie made at The Grey Horse. Watch and love!


Can we agree that clients and staff are very definitely #BackOnTheHorse ?

Art, Crafts and Cookery

Our talented catering skills clients have also been cooking up a storm at our cafes. A little baking is very therapeutic and customers certainly love the results.

At the Grey Horse, Pure artists have enjoyed exploring their creativity again. They didn’t forget one artist’s birthday either. Art and craft sessions at Sanderling and the Jonathan Burns Centre have been popular too – a very welcome step toward normality. In fact just seeing friends and colleagues again has just  been wonderful for everyone’s morale.

Health and Wellbeing

Has there ever been a more important time for looking after our health and wellbeing? We’ve seen  in the video how they’ve been keeping active at The Grey Horse. Well at our Sanderling building, stretch and exercise sessions have been fun and helped us regain a little of our flexibility.

At the Jonathan Burns Centre, the always-impressive Tai Chi sessions led by Sensei Bernard are again providing their unique blend of inner calm and physical exercise.  If you missed Sensei Bernard’s six fabulous online tai chi videos, you have missed a treat. Do hop over to Pure Middleton’s Facebook page to see them. You too can learn to Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail!

Elsewhere there have been socially-distanced walks in the lovely parks between showers. Some clients have again been providing a great  community service by helping to keep things shipshape for other visitors. A big thanks to them.

'Everywhere I walk I see happy faces from both clients and staff and comments of how pleased they are to be back. ' - Pure member of staff

‘Glad to come back, I was happy and I wear a mask so I felt safer.’  - Pure Client

'It was nice to be back, I needed routine again. I was beginning to feel isolated at home so good to be back in friendly surroundings with good staff and great clients.' - Pure member of staff 

‘I felt okay, I missed everything in general - Tai Chi, music and most of all the staff. ‘ Pure Client

Feedback from Pure staff and clients

Of course everything is being undertaken with stringent safety measures in place.  Social distancing measures restrict what we can do and how many clients can return but health and safety matters really are important. You can read about our safety measure here.

A big shout-out to our staff.

What commitment, flexibility, ingenuity and positivity you have demonstrated.

Staff members have grouted, cleaned, spray-painted floor markings, re-arranged furniture and so much more. And a special mention here to volunteer Luke Wainhouse for all the sterling heavy duty work he has carried out.

Staff have come up with so many fixes for issues that have arisen. We love  the soft, stretchy extensions for face-coverings hand crafted by Michelle at the Grey Horse. They stop them slipping down (see below). We are also particularly keen to see and hear the  little song and dance routine devised by Natalie to remind clients to use  hand sanitiser!

Thank you all so much for making the return of our support services such a success.

Now we are all look forward to welcoming more clients back and to a gradual phased return of other services.

Yes it has been a very good week!

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