Art Packs Unlock Creativity of Pure Artists

Posted on the 2nd June 2020

We delivered 100 art packs  to Pure Art Studio artists to help unlock their creativity in lockdown.  Like many they had been frustrated by the want of materials.  Here we’ll share with you some of the fab artwork they have produced.

Art Pack Contents

Each pack contained a selection of quality papers, coloured pencils, brushes, a fine liner pen, a clay-work tool and two clay tiles. There were also activity sheets for inspiration including two project downloads from the website of our friends at Manchester Museum.

Eleven Pure staff  prepared and delivered the packs to the artists’  homes. It was a welcome opportunity to give them all a friendly wave. (We are missing you all!)

In return we have received photos of the artists’ creations. We’ve seen gardens, still-life pictures and even a copy of the Mona Lisa.


Working with clay is something of a speciality at Pure as we have our own fully equipped  Ceramics Studio. As mentioned each art pack contained two clay tiles: one plain; the other prepared with a coat of coloured slip.  By carving into it with the clay tool in a process known as sgraffito (new one for me!) you end up with a two-toned design.

We’ll have to be patient and wait until the tiles can be fired to see thosee end results.

But how much difference did the packs make to the artists? Well one mum had this to say:

So, so very proud of you all and genuinely appreciate the work and effort you have made to reach out to our daughter. Thank you are just inadequate words really to express the monumental positive impact this art plan will have, but thank you anyway.

Carol Cuznor - Mum of a Pure Artist.

This has been such a rewarding project. It was lovely to see such familiar faces when we have been out delivering the packs and lovely to hear how much they have been appreciated. Receiving the photos of the work that has been done has been a joy. Please keep them coming!

Abigail Betton - Art Facilitator, Pure Innovations.

Thank you to everyone who made the art pack project such a success.

We also add special thanks  to Entwistle Group Printers for donations of lovely, quality paper.

And finally – congratulations to all the artists.  Carry on being just brilliant.

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