Changes at our our Board of Trustees

Posted on the 23rd June 2020

David Lennie

David Lennie has been Chair of our Board of Trustees since our inception back in 2005.

He has inspired us through challenging times and supported our growth, always encouraging us to stretch ourselves. This spring David retired from his role as Chair of our Board of Trustees.

Louise Parrot-Bates, our Chief Executive Officer, has these words of thanks for all David’s work on  behalf of Pure Innovations.

Dave has been the Chair of the Board of Trustees since Pure Innovations set up the charity back in 2005. With his legal background he has advised and led the charity over the years to ensure we prosper and challenge ourselves to be the best we can be whilst ensuring clients have the best and safest service.

Back in 2005 we left the support and comfort of Stockport Local Authority to become a self-sufficient and sustainable organisation. This was a daunting time with many challenges but also opportunities to deliver great quality services to disadvantaged and disabled people. Our challenge: could we do this outside of our own borough of Stockport?

We didn’t have to wait too long to try this out, winning a contract in Rochdale supporting learning disabled people in community settings. This contract gave us both confidence and experience in working outside of our area. Since then over the years we have worked all over the country, using our values and philosophy to support people to lead great lives.

It has been a journey that Dave has been a part of from the very beginning until his retirement from the role this spring. I know how proud Dave has been of our teams and their efforts to work tirelessly to improve lives. He has inspired and encouraged the management team to be brave and supported our plans. He was kind when plans didn’t go the way we had anticipated, always encouraging us to take the learning from each situation.

Dave has been the constant reassuring figure on our board amidst many changes over the years. His support for Pure Innovations has inspired us to continue to stretch ourselves, to improve and never settle for "good enough."

Thank you Dave, for your support and your reassurance that we made a difference every day. Your shoes will be hard to fill but we have every confidence that Alan Allman has all the qualities to carry on and build upon your legacy.

Louise Parrott-Bates - CEO, Pure Innovations.

Alan Allman

We welcome Alan Allman as the new Chair of our Board of Trustees.  Alan is a familiar to face to many  at Pure Innovations. His experience includes over 30 years in Local and National Government culminating in a role as Assistant Director at the Department of Health. He is a very welcome addition our team.

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