Fab Feedback From Returning Pure Clients

Posted on the 3rd July 2020

Returning Pure clients are as happy to be back post-lockdown as we are!

Everyone is quickly getting back into their art,  animation and radio activities at the Grey Horse Centre in Stockport.  They are enjoying seeing friends again and the sense of fulfilment that comes with creating great work.

All our safety measures  are helping everyone to feel more confident. Here are just a few excerpts from the great feedback we’ve been receiving.

Feels great being back. I’ve been doing Radio and animation where I have been working on retro video games ‘Sonic’ - And the dance *video was good. - Rob

It's great to be back and doing work. - Farwar

1st day I was really nervous but as days went on I found it easier and more confident. - Sarah

Really happy to be back, I’ve missed everyone but not missed Alex’s singing. - Ben

(sings!) I’m happy to be back here. - Alex.

Pure clients at The Grey Horse Centre

Video Treats

Now, if you are wondering about the  *dance video , you can find the story with a  link to “Grey Horse -The Movie” here.  But did you know that the team created this mind-bending piece of visual trickery last week?

We mentioned recently that Lulu who attends the Grey Horse Centre celebrated her 21st birthday. Well her mum Julie got in touch via Facebook. She wanted to thank Donna and the Grey Horse team for ensuring the fabulous centrepiece Lulu was making was ready in time for her Italy-themed garden party celebrations.

We think you’ll agree it’s a mini-masterpiece!


We are delighted to have clients back and are doing all we can under the current restrictions to extend our services to more.


And smiling!

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